What is the point of social justice art?

Propose a strategy whereby your client can do business with the foreign country and avoid tax penalties.
December 19, 2020
Create an infographic that depicts demographics, characteristics, and common health issues of the prison population.
December 19, 2020

Please watch Sarah Elizabeth Lewis’s talk (Links to an external site.), read Bell and Desai’s short piece

Actions, and answer the following questions:

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What is the point of social justice art?
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1.  According to Lewis, how can art alter our perception of the world?  Lewis argues that the arts have been crucial to social justice efforts throughout American history.  How and why has this been the case?  Cite specific examples from the video.

2.  According to Bell and Desai, what is the point of social justice art?  What methods and tools do social justice artists employ?  Cite specific examples from the text.

3.  For this final question, I would like you to explore examples of social justice art online (begin with a google search for “social justice art” or “environmental justice art” and go from there).  Select a piece that altered your perception of the world in some way and discuss it. Why did you select this piece?  How did it change your perception?  Bell and Desai write that the arts help us “create and experiment with alternative possibilities–imagining what could otherwise be.” How did this piece help you imagine otherwise?  Please include a link to the art piece you have selected.

At least 400 words in length.

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