Article review.

. Analyze “Lennie” in terms of the various theories of personal identity.
December 17, 2020
What methodology would you use (top-down or bottom-up) in order to implement the change.
December 17, 2020

Analyzing History, continued, Learning Block 6-1 (page 2):
 Question 1: Which source will you analyze using active reading strategies? Include the name of the article, the author, the publication, the date, and where you found it. Read your chosen source using the active reading strategies you learned on the previous page. Then, summarize the overall meaning
and content of the reading. Write your summary below. Your summary should be at least one paragraph long.

Module-Six-Reading_Analyzing-History-1 HIS-200-Module-Six-Short-Response-Guidelines-and-Rubric Southern-New-Hampshire-University-_-Module-6-Submissions

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