Write up the process account.

What are the most significant causes and effects of communication failure, especially under life-threatening circumstances?
December 11, 2020
Adjust the account balances.
December 11, 2020

A process for making lead shot involves melting ingots of lead, then pouring the melt from a height, into a cooling bath. There is a loss of material due to spillage of the melt and splatter by the bath. This material is sold for scrap. In a normal production run 1kg of lead costing K40 would produce 0.95kg of shot with the scrap being sold for K20 per kg.

In a week 100kg of lead was processed and 92kg of lead shot produced. Labour costs of K550 were incurred and overhead costs are normally allocated at a rate of 4 times labour costs.

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Write up the process account.
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A.Calculate the cost per unit for lead shot (7 Marks)

B.Write up the process account (10 Marks)

Write up the loss account

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