What technique will be used for data collection?
December 11, 2020
Create a Fraction class that has two private fields.
December 11, 2020

Create a class called Card that represents a playing card.  A Card has two fields: displayValue and suit.  A card should be able to display itself.
Create a class called Deck that represents a Deck of 52 Cards.  The  Deck should be able to shuffle itself, display itself, and deal a card.  Dealing a card should return the Card from the top of the deck.  Dealing a card twice in a row should NOT return the same Card.  That is to say, that dealing a Card changes the position of the top of the deck.
Test your Card and Deck classes thoroughly.

NOTE: Make sure to submit your code as a zipped folder, and NOT as .java files.  Your zipped folder may contain the .java files.

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