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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Rationale for the Unit
One of the key focuses of this course will be how rhetoric and writing mediate, convey, and shape both
individual and shared values, beliefs, and experiences. Our goals in this unit are 1) to begin to explore
how values are mediated and shared and 2) to begin to put into practice writing for particular audiences
and drafting projects through brainstorming, planning, writing, and revising.
During this unit, we will read three brief essays that explore how values are mediated (either implicitly
or explicitly): In “The World Book,” David Mann shares his experiences as a child with the World Book
Encyclopedia and how having access to the World Book shaped his curiosity about and connections to
the world. In his reflection on the X-Men comic books, Ramzi Fawaz suggests that early X-Men comics
didn’t simply value diversity, but taught him to value how people can relate to each other and negotiate
their radical differences. And in “Girls Feel Stranger Things, Too,” Ashley Reed explores how the recent
Netflix show Stranger Things revisits classic 1980s television but allows for valuing the complexity of
adolescent girls’ emotions.
What ties these three essays together is the that the authors explore how values are shaped and shared
through mediated experiences: Mann connects with the world through the encyclopedia, Fawaz values
identifying with those who are radically different from him because of reading X-Men, and Reed
suggests that Stranger Things can help viewers value adolescent girls’ emotions. Values, then, are not
solely individual, but are shaped by, reflected in, and even challenged by media.
Course Goals for This Unit
Rhetorical Knowledge
• Develop facility in responding to a variety of situations and contexts (academic and
nonacademic) calling for purposeful shifts in voice, tone, level of formality, design, medium,
and/or structure
Writing Processes & Craft
• Develop flexible strategies for reading, drafting, reviewing, collaborating, revising, rewriting,
rereading, and editing
• Evaluate the work of others, give useful feedback to others on their writing, and evaluate and
incorporate feedback from others in their own writing

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