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June 15, 2020
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Purpose: This is an opportunity to synthesize, analyze, and reflect on the readings and other relevant course material.

Task: Write a 5-page double spaced analytical paper in response to the following question:

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Sociology Of Gender Assignment | Online Homework Help
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How do ideas about, and ideals of masculinity and/or femininity impact social structures, daily practices, social interaction, and/or individual imaginations and desires?


conceptions of masculinityconceptions of femininitymacro institutional structuresYou can check more details below in Additional Tips for the Essay (2)
  • Write an essay that discusses this question in the context of two of the following social institutions: work and family.
  • Your essay should compare and contrast the two social institutions, and you should attend to articulations of gender with other lines of difference and inequality (e.g. race, class, sexuality etc.).

Note that the question is broadly framed, giving you choices about focus and what course material (See uploaded Reading-1-5) to use. Make sure that your essay is specifically grounded in arguments and detail from different assigned readings.

  • You need to use 4 provided reading as sources and cite them all in MLA style. Works Cited Page is not needed. Use in-text parenthetical citations. For example: (Hoang 2015: 159).
    • 3 sources you need to pick up from provided Reading-1-5
    • 1 source you need to use the e-book from my university official website and you need to write 2 in-text citation about this source. You need to log in and I will give you my id. (Name: zheyuz      Passwords: RABBIT970123!@#          The link of the e-book:

Additional Tips for the Essay:

1. Go over your notes and the readings themselves (remember that your paper must substantively include at least 3 assigned readings)

2. Outline and take note of points that focus on: conceptions of masculinity; conceptions of femininity, macro institutional structures (e.g. the impact of specific social institutions as tied to inequality), daily practices and interaction, individual imaginations and desires.

3. Note the similarities and differences across the points and readings

4. Develop a thesis statement that will help you synthesize and develop connections across these points.

5. Note the paper should address the prompt, but doesn’t have to deal with every single aspect of the question

Grading Criteria:

1)  The degree to which the essay shows knowledge of, and skill in working with the course material and discusses ideas critically and creatively.

2)  Ability to synthesize and draw connections across readings, theoretical perspectives, and specific concepts.

3)  Integrate course material with your own analysis. Development of own insights.

4)  Organization and coherence of the argument, including clarity of the writing.


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