Research Process and Methods Assignment | Get Paper Help

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June 15, 2020
Research Process and Methods Assignment | Get Homework Help
June 15, 2020

Assignment Content
Research the common steps to the research process used in health care research.

Review steps covered in Understanding and Conducting Research in the Health Sciences this week, other readings, and resources, including the Methods Map Visual Search Tool from the University Library.

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Research Process and Methods Assignment | Get Paper Help
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Complete the Research Process and Methods worksheet. Please review the attached grading rubric to ensure all requirements are being met. See attachment below.

Week 1 Individual Rubric_Research Process and Methods.doc

Cite 3 peer-reviewed or scholarly references. Reference citations must be included within the body of your paper in APA format and match what you have cited on your reference page in order to receive credit.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Include a title page at the beginning of your worksheet. Please do not submit a separate title page attachment. Assignment should not contain direct quotes, or use first person.

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