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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Please answer each question separately
1. Discuss Factor of Safety and why it is an important concept in Aviation Safety. Provide an example and discuss design tradeoffs which would likely need to be considered.
2. Fatigue is a time dependent failure. Select a part of an aircraft that will be subjected to this mode and explain how this might be reduced or accommodated with design and maintenance. You must explain in detail the material properties affected and why.
3. How does the cross-section, length and material properties of a beam affect buckling? Include the concept of “slenderness ratio” in your response. For a circular column of length “l” and radius “r”, the slenderness ratio is equal to (l/r).
4. Briefly discuss 5 structural and mechanical design factors as they apply to airworthiness and crashworthiness.
5. An aircraft with two main spars has a tapered design for the depth and chord length from root to tip. How does this affect the bending and torque resistance on the wing and how do modern manufactures ensure the strength meets the theory predicted?

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Aviation Safety Assignment | Essay Help Services
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