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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

Writing 307- Proposals/Recommendation Reports

Project 4

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Unaware of Problem Assignment | Essay Help Services
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Supervisor – Unaware of Problem:

Task: For this assignment, each of you will write a proposal document in the style of a longer booklet. Your report will be formal, so therefore, it should follow all formatting rules for booklets.

These reports generally pinpoint a problem or issue and then make a recommendation for a feasible solution to that problem in a proposal format.

For this assignment, writers should identify a problem within his/her field, and then establish at least one- feasible/realistic solution to that problem. – Writers should propose this recommendation as the best solution. We can all think of miraculous or fantasy level solutions to problems- but for this assignment, you must take into consideration what it would take to fix the issue- in a reasonable and cost effective way. You should also account for any drawbacks, consequences or anything that must also be completed or accomplished before this solution could be put into practice.

Formatting: Booklet

A Booklet begins with a cover email- in which you address your report to your audience (supervisor).

Title Page- Traditional title page

Rest of Report is as follows:

Introduction: Problem- Detailed account of the Problem at hand. Typically writers will use an image, graph or chart to detail issue. Full explanation is needed here.

Solution- Outline best solution- what it will take to put into practice. What needs to happen- This is where you must become persuasive- Persuade your reader that this is, indeed, the best practice for the problem to resolve the issue.  You should use an image, chart, graph here as well. One outside source is also generally used here as well.

Discussion- In this final section, you will outline the consequences, costs, and any drawbacks. This is also where writers include a Gantt chart.

You may use a traditional works cited format.


Follows all formatting rules for booklet and the section for recommendation report. -10 points

Includes a well thought out and comprehensive overview of the problem- a problem that is not necessarily considered a problem. So, tone needs to be persuasive. 20 points

The solution section should be clear and feasible. It should be apparent that this is the best option to address the problem. It needs to be something that is a tangible fix- not an idealized, fantasy one. It also needs to be obvious that the writer has done his or her research in order to provide and secure the best choice.- 30 points

Any images/charts/graphs used must be introduced, set up and integrated appropriately and follow all rules for citing. 10 points

The Discussion section should include the drawdown of costs which should be  mathematically sound and doable. It should be provided in a list or chart format and be reasonable. 15 points

Avoids misspellings, comma/semicolon errors, and uses active, clear voice. 15 points

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