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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

Instructions for the Annotated Bibliography Learning Task:

You are to select four (4) sources from the Academic Onefile Database regarding your Novel/Play! The sources–are articles from the (Academic Onefile Database) which may be on the characters, conflict, imagery, language, plot, setting, tone, voice, or on any analysis of the work. After you have read the articles carefully–then you are to annotated each article. Review the sample Annotated Bibliography and use the format as your guide.

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Their Eyes are Watching God Assignment | Essay Help Services
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Format Structure:

~The source is double spaced

~The annotation is single spaced

~There should be four sentences that serves as the summary of the articles

~The last sentence should be your evaluation of the article.

Special Note: The annotation must be typed via the format of a paragraph!


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