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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

Please make your total paper approximately 10-12 pages long. First, create your paper with a minimum of 8-10 pages of body information. Then add a proper APA Title Page and APA Reference Page (no abstract needed for this short paper). All APA information and an example paper can be found in the Start Here Module or you can jump to it HEREPreview the document.

Please make sure you include these sections in your final paper:

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The Government’s Role and Responsibility in Public Health Assignment | Cheap Essay Services
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APA style Title Page – Introduction – Major Topic FIrst Point (and all sub-points) – Major Topic Second Point (and all sub-points) – Major Topic Third Point (and all sub-points) – Conclusion – APA style Reference Page

Please have a minimum of six to eight references with most being from journal articles. Other professional references can be used as long as they are credible. The textbook is not a reference for this course because we want you to utilize your skills for outside sources. We have provided some additional resources in the Start Here module under the Optional Resources in the Start Here Module.

Please use 12 point Times New Roman font, and double space with one-inch margins (not any larger). Also please refer to APA 6 style for formatting. For an APA tutorial, please go to: (Links to an external site.)

Another good resource for information about APA 6 is available from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (or Purdue Owl, found at (Links to an external site.)

We will be using Turnitin Software to check your work, so please make sure you cite anything you borrow from any source or your Turnitin score will be high and you will receive less points for your work.

The Final Paper Rubric is designed to help you to earn the maximum grade possible by telling you exactly what we will be looking for and exactly how your performance will be evaluated. Our goal is for you to be successful in the course this semester by taking advantage of the opportunity to learn more about a topic that is meaningful to you. The other paper rubrics will be attached to the assignments so you will have specific information to follow as you begin to build your paper.

Please review the rubrics often when you are completing each stage of the final paper. As always, please let me know if you have questions about any aspect of these assignments so that I can guide you as you progress.


Final paper topic is well-defined. Paper discusses the significance of the topic to health care delivery and relates well to the material presented in the course. Ideas are logically presented, clearly stated, and well supported by the research effort.

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