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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

Write a brief research paper on the selected topic with all the information included below. The rubric sections for Presentation/Clarity of Message will be assessing your delivery of the required content. These items include having a topic sentence, 3 supporting sentences, and closing sentence, per bullet point. The section on audio/video will be the section where your grammar and mechanics will be assessed for the research paper.
Your presentation will include the following:
o What is/are the products and what do they claim to do
o Identify chemicals/elements are involved (Provide first 5 chemicals)
o Discuss any chemical reactions taking place
o Explain what the product does/how it works.
o Diagrams of how it works, Illustrations and cost comparisons
o Safety Considerations/Environmental Hazards/Risks and Benefits
o Reference page
Topic Options:
o Hair product chemistry (ex: thickening, smoothing, curl activating etc. How do these products do what they claim?)
o Supplement Chemistry (Vitamins, performance shakes, pre-work out, recovery, nutrient supplement drinks – select ONE)
o Household Cleaners and Soaps (traditional vs “Green” (ex: Method, Meyer’s)
o Chemistry of Antacids (How do antacids work?)
o Chemistry of Food Preservatives (why do some foods have such a long expiration date)
you must include speaker notes or a detailed script on what you would say if you were presenting this to an audience.
Note: Please do NOT read from the slides/screen. You need to have detailed notes that elaborate on what you are presenting.

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Supplement Chemistry Assignment | Get paper Help
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