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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

This final exam consists of two parts with marks distributed as per the chart below:

  1. Five (5) Short Answer Questions
  2. Case Study (in separate file)

Complete your short-answer questions and case study report in Word (.docx/.doc) format.

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Strategy in the European Context Assignment | Online Assignment
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***You must answer ALL questions.***

The exam consist of 12 pages, including the case study

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Student #: ___________________________________

Question Grade
1   /3
2   /2
3   /2
4   /2
5   /2
Case   /10
Total :   /20

Part A: Short-Answer

Question 1

Imagine you are an expert advisor to the President of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, a country now embarking on a plan of EU accession by 2021.  What advice would you provide to ready your country to not only meet EU requirements, but also position your Macedonian companies for competitive success in this open market? (3 marks):

Question 2

Outline the pros and cons of Czech Republic adopting the Euro, from the perspective of a Czech organization of your choice (MNE, SME, Academy, government, Czech citizen) (2 marks):

Question 3

Describe one of the following EU institutions or treaties and its impact on transformation of European business (2 marks):

  • European Commission
  • European Parliament
  • Treaties of Rome
  • The Maastricht Treaty
  • The Lisbon Strategy (Treaty)

Question 4

In what way(s) are the countries of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein integrated with the European Union? What about Bosnia, Serbia, and Turkey? (2 marks):

Question 5

As the VP, Strategy for a Czech manufacturer of beer you now realize that younger people are drinking less, a trend you expect to continue.  What actions would be you take now and over the next 5-10 years to ensure your competitiveness? (2 marks):

Part A: Case

PEGAS: ‘Riding’ the ex-communist bike across Europe and beyond

Assignment: Prepare the case.

Possible Additional Questions to Consider in Your Analysis:

  • Imagine yourself as part of the leadership of Pegas. What advice would you give its CEO, Andrei Botescu, on the further development of its international footprint? How could Pegas become an international well-known bicycle producer across Europe, through a location and marketing strategy?
  • What support may Pegas thrive to obtain from the EU?
  • If an opportunity-based internationalization strategy is followed by Pegas in Europe, rather than the linear, Uppsala model, based on learning and increasing commitment, what opportunities the European market may Pegas pursue in the following years? How should Pegas create growth opportunities with the market (i.e., various market actors, institutional or communities)?

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