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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020
  1. How did Antoine-Jean Gros represent Napoleon in the painting Napoleon Visiting the Plague Stricken in Jaffa?
  2. What is Orientalism? How did Napoleon’s expedition of 1789-1801 contributed to it? Name two artists who worked on themes driven from this new fascination.
  3. Discuss briefly the stylistic differences between Neoclassicism and Romanticism by giving an example for each movement.
  4. Romanticism was a movement that influenced not only visual arts, but also music and literature. Name one literary work of this era explaining why is it considered a great example of what Romanticism stands for.
  5. Why is Goya’s work, The Sleep of Reason, is an excellent example of the Romanticism era?
  6. How did Goya, in his painting Third of May, encouraged the viewers empathy with his countrymen?
  7. What are the main themes in Casper-David Friedrich paintings? Give an example of his work.
  8. What is the Sublime? Name one artist that excelled in this principle of the Romantic era.
  9. How did Courbet responded to the rejection of his three paintings submitted for the Annual Salon? How did his reaction contribute to the finding of a new art movement in France at the time?
  10. What was Courbet communicating to the audience by juxtaposing an older man and a young boy in the Stonebreakers? And how this artwork served as a commentary on the lower class and laborer’s situation of that period?
  11. How did the public and art critics receive Manet’s work?
  12. What was Manet’s aim by painting the controversial pastoral scene Luncheon on the Grass?
  13. What is Prefabricated architecture? Give an example.
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