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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

Using one of the poetic terms covered in class, thus far, a scholarly (non-encyclopedic) source, and a piece/pieces of literature read this semester, explain/define/illustrate one of the types of love. The types of love possible to discuss are:
• Eros: Love of the body/sexuality
• Philia: Platonic love
• Agape: Absolute love/love of the soul or God
• Philautia: Love of the self
• Storge: Love of the children/family

If poetry is used to talk about love, to complete this assignment, please use two poems. If fiction or drama are used, a single text is sufficient.

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Love Assignment | Online Assignment
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Be sure to have a strong thesis/claim, and use the text of the piece(s) of literature chosen to illustrate the form of love chosen or as evidence to support your claim.

In total, you must use a minimum of three quotes from the text. Please DO NOT include a dictionary definition in your essay.

Refrain from using the first person (I, me, my, myself, we, us, our, ourselves) or the second person (you, your, yourself, yourselves).

The essay must be typed using Garamond or Times New Roman font.
The essay must be typed in a font size between ten (10) and twelve (12).
The essay must be double spaced.
The essay must have margins no larger than one inch.
The essay must be a minimum of four full pages long.
The essay must observe proper APA formatting.
The essay must adhere to standard grammatical and spelling conventions.

please use the uploaded text and one scholarly Source

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