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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

The purpose of this assignment is to write a Literature Review: Introduction and Summary. I wrote on the topic of male escort and want motivates them to stay in the profession. If the paragraph below could be rewritten.

The proposed dissertation study will explore how male escorts describe their work relationship with their male clients. Are male escorts motivated to stay in the profession because of the interpersonal-work relationship they have with their clients? This topic is important to the study of Industrial-Organizational psychology; as it can be used to explain how interpersonal relationships motivate individuals to stay in certain jobs. For example, one person might be motivated to drive for Uber because it is how they make a living. However, another person might be motivated to drive for Uber because they like talking with riders, having fun conversations, and listening to riders’ stories. Applying the concept to the escort profession; to what extent does the interpersonal relation plays on the male escort, to want to continue to their practice. There have been studies on motivation in the workplace and its role in employee performance. In a study, the authors focused on both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and how motivation can have a significant on job satisfaction and work performance (Yousaf,2014). The authors concluded employees viewed intrinsic rewards with security, activity, authority, ability utilization, are correlated with worker performance. While extrinsic rewards with recognition, proper human relations, advancement opportunities, show a positive correlation with the overall performance of the employee (Khan, 2013). The authors state more research is needed in understanding how intrinsic and extrinsic rewards motivate employees.

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Literature Review: Introduction and Summary Assignment | Custom Essay Services
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Background of the problem

Prostitution has been called the oldest profession in the world. There has been little interest from organizational scholars in understanding the motivational reasons why people choose to work as an escort. Most research on the topic of sex work has focused on women, prevention, public health, and negative attributes of the profession. There is a lack of research on the male sex worker (MSW) and how they describe their work- relationship with their male clients; are MSW motivated to continue their practice because of intrinsic or extrinsic values from interpersonal work-relationship. There is limited research on the occupational aspects of the work-relationship between the MSW and the male (Johns) who hire them. People seek out escorts because they are motivated by some psychological, emotional, or sociological need. The role of an escort is to provide the boyfriend experience. Current research on the boyfriend experience phenomenon is broken into three components. The development of the boyfriend experience phenomenon is based on the perceptions of companionship, authenticity, and passion in social, interpersonal, and sexual interaction between the escort and the client (Tewksbury 2017). The development and maintenance of this relationship are central to the MSW’s rate of pay, occupational success, and length of time in the profession. The second stage of the boyfriend experience phenomenon is built from the perception of masculinity and attractiveness (Kumar, Scott, and Minichiello, 2017). Masculinity displayed from MSWs plays a key role in the success of their practice and marketability. MSWs who advertise masculine behaviors charged more for services. MSWs who appeared to have more feminine characteristics charged less for escort services (Logan, 2010).The last stage of the boyfriend experience phenomenon there is a separation of sexual behaviors between commercial vs. non-commercial relationship. MSWs prefer to practice safer sex practices with their clients (Grov, 2015). There is a hierarchy of needs that motivate John(s) to seek out escorts. There is a gap in the research on the motivational factors of the boyfriend experience phenomenon and how it acts as a motivator for the male escort to continue working in the occupation

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