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June 14, 2020
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Assignment #4) Literature Search and Summary Weighting: 40% Due: Sunday, July 28 by 11:59 p.m. Atlantic time, ADT

The purpose of this assignment is to give graduate students an opportunity to apply their skills in conducting a literature search and organizing the search results by specific categories. This assignment will benefit course participants in preparation for the literature review component of a research study by becoming aware of potential literature in a field of interest.

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Literature Review and Summary Assignment | Online Assignment
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The procedure for conducting this assignment is as follows: • Identify an initial research topic/question of interest (to be started in Weeks #2 and #3);

• Identify key terms related to the research topic (to be started in Weeks #2 and #3). Select appropriate database index(es) to conduct the literature search (e.g., ERIC, PsycINFO) and conduct searches using the Robertson Library’s remote access;

• Identify what is termed as “legitimate descriptors” for the key terms to be used in the literature search (i.e., check the thesaurus in ERIC);

• Conduct the search; try to refine your search by using relevant limiting terms so that the final relevant entries to be in the range between 20 to 50;

• Save the final search results for retrieval (for your own use). Next, read the articles to identify 8 to 10 of the most relevant, recent, and comprehensive articles that will be included in your review; and

• Summarize and arrange the chosen articles in a manner that makes sense to you and to the topic at hand (e.g., arrange either by topic/content, chronologically, or in themes identified in the resources).

The product of this assignment will be a summary of the articles arranged in a manner of your choice. Although the length of the summaries may vary depending on the topic and search results, the text for this assignment should be in the 10 to 12 (double-spaced) page range, not including title page and list of references. The paper should be formatted and referenced according to APA (2010) criteria.

The UPEI Faculty of Education’s Grading Guidelines will be used to assess this course requirement.
Additional Information for Assignment #4) Literature Search and Summary

UPEI Faculty of Education Grading Guidelines – Holistic Rubric (UPEI Faculty of Education, 2010)

Grades for A+ Level (91-100%) Criteria Totals Creativity and originality 10 Argument 15 Writing 25 Methodology and analysis 30 Knowledge 20 Total 100

Creativity and originality (10 marks) • Creativity and originality: exceptionally creative and original, student very clearly and convincingly articulates how his or her work makes a contribution to knowledge, practice or theory at some level, uses primary sources and does not overuse quotations.

Argument (15 marks) • Argument: exceptionally thorough, very well-reasoned, very well-argued, insightful, clear.

Writing (25 marks) • Writing: very well-written (uses proper English grammar and always adheres to APA style guidelines), writing is exceptionally clear, fluid and cohesive; there is outstanding sophistication in writing style.

Methodology and analysis (30 marks) • Methodology and analysis: methodologically sound (if appropriate) and shows a highly incisive understanding and exceptional evaluation and analysis of salient issues; an exceptional ability to draw relevant comparisons/examples.

Knowledge (20 marks) • Knowledge: exceptional mastery/understanding of relevant content/concepts/issues.

Reference UPEI Faculty of Education. (2010). UPEI Faculty of Education Grading Guidelines – Holistic Rubric. Charlottetown, PE: Author.
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