How the new Coronavirus Stacks up against SARS and MERS Assignment | Online Assignment

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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020
How the new coronavirus stacks up against SARS and MERS

You must have a minimum of 3 cited sources.
Any source used must be cited using APA format (or format similar to your paper).
At the top of your paper, I only need your name and title.
Right underneath your title I want you to write the citation of the paper you reviewed. I do not need any other information prior to the text of the article.

I expect the paper to be:
3 paged in length
Double spaced lines
12-point Times Roman font
1.25 margins
Page # in bottom right footer
Statement of relevance MUST be included. Please bold and underline this statement. This statement should essentially answer the question: “So what?” Example questions your article may answer: Why is it important for our tax dollars to pay for that research? What does it mean for you, our community, or our society?
**Any effort to make to artificially lengthen your paper will be grounds for point deductions. In extreme cases I may not accept the paper at all!

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How the new Coronavirus Stacks up against SARS and MERS Assignment | Online Assignment
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Make sure that the paper is complete-do not cut it short if there is more important information that should be discussed.

Figures/Graphs/Tables are highly encouraged; however, they do not count towards the length of the page!

Do not use quotes. The people that authored those books or articles have already passed through the college experience, and there is no need for me to grade their work. I WILL deduct points for usage of quotations.

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