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I included all info just for understanding. The file I will be attaching is the info for the prsentation. It just needs to be put into a slide and my notes for what I should be saying. Iā€™m not sure how may slides are needed.

In this course, you will learn how to plan the server environment and how to install and configure a Windows Server System. Part of that installation is controlling the working environment through the use of Group Policies.

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Description of what Microsoft Group Policy is and what it does for a Network Assignment | Get Paper Help
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As a network administrator, you will not only perform system administration, you will need to control the overall behavior of the system. This project will allow you to combine the technical knowledge that you have gained through the class with your writing skills to create a presentation that would be similar to one you may need to create in the workplace. This type of presentation will be used by individuals responsible for Server Installation and Configuration.

You work for a small consulting company that builds servers for small to medium sized companies. Your manager has tasked you with documenting the working environment of the servers which is controlled by Group Policies. This document will be presented to senior management and customers to help them understand the working environment that you propose.

Group Policy Management Presentation

You will be creating a presentation on Group Policy Management for your manager based on the learning and labs from the course that addresses the installation and configuration of the servers for which you are responsible. This Group Policy Management will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover. You want other employees as well as customers to be able to understand how the servers are configured in regards to the group policy. You can include your resources that were provided throughout the course and the references listed in these directions.

The following should be included in the Group Policy Management Presentation:

1. Include an overall description of what Microsoft Group Policy is and what it does for a network.
2. Include a slide describing the Group Policy Management Console. You can include some activities that an administrator can perform with this console.
3. Include a slide summarizing Group Policy Objects and describe functions that these objects perform.
4. Include a slide explaining Group Policy links and inheritance. Include why these are very important to the functioning of the GPO.
5. Finally, include five group policies that you will include. Describe each policy and the settings that you chose. Explain why you chose the particular setting.

Below are a few references to assist you with your project in addition to the information you have received from TestOut:

Group Policy Basics ā€“ Part 1: Understanding the Structure of a Group Policy Object. (2012). Retrieved from

Group Policy Basics ā€“ Part 2: Understanding Which GPOs to Apply. (2012). Retrieved from

Group Policy for Beginners. (2011). Retrieved from

Deliverable Descriptions

Week 1
Essential Questions Discussion
You will use the Essential Question below to prepare for your Portfolio Project. Since this may be a new concept or term for you, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with what an Essential Question is and how you can create your own. For some information on Essential Questions, please take a few minutes and read over the information presented on the website referenced below:

Essential Questions Explained

Formulate a response to the following Essential Question:
ā€¢ Why do most organizations want to have a well planned Group Policy infrastructure for servers?

Week 2
Build your PowerPoint, Create Introduction Slide, and Address Question 1

Each slide will contain bulleted information. You will use the notes section in PowerPoint to write your script for your oral presentation.

1. Include an overall description of what Microsoft Group Policy is and what it does for a network.

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