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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

Using Fahrenheit 451, define a problem in the novel that is still a problem today.  You are not giving your opinion; you are putting into a conversation the novel and three other voices that help define the problem.  Your essay should reveal the complexity of the problem.

Context and background

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Defining a Problem Assignment | Online Homework Help
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  • Whom does the problem affect?
  • How long has it been an issue?
  • What are the current debates about the problem, and what do you think is missing from them?
  • What will be the consequences if the problem is not resolved?
  • Whose will benefit from resolving the problem (e.g. the management of an organization or future researchers)?
  • Does the problem affect you?
  • Are you empathetic to the sufferers?  Why and how?

Before we can solve a problem, we need to know exactly what the problem is, and we should put a good amount of thinking and research into understanding it. So, what happens when we don’t understand the problem? When the problem is not well understood, “solutions” only create new problems. In fact, there’s no guarantee the solutions will address the problem at all. Conversely, the more we understand the problem, the more likely we understand the root cause and can create countermeasures so the problem won’t recur. Understanding the problem is the first step of any problem-solving.


  1. 1000-word essay
  2. Works Cited page with three articles and the novel.
  3. What is the pathos and logos of the problem?
  4. Introduce the problem, define the problem with the novel and your sources, and lastly make sense of the problem, define it, in your own words.
  5. Folder Due with printed, annotated articles, one draft, peer review and final draft.

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