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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

Reflection of a Live Dance Class Experience
(Student Learning Outcomes: 1, 3)
Objectives: Critical Thinking, Communication
*Proof of attendance must be provided. Take a picture with the instructor while holding up the peace sign (2
fingers in a v), and upload with your reflection as proof of your attendance.
An integral part of studying and appreciating dance is experiencing this live art form. To complete this
assignment, attend one live dance class from the list provided and write a reflection on your experience. The
following guidelines will assist in shaping your reflection.
1. Gather Information – 20%
 The first paragraph should include information such as what class you took, when and where.
 When writing your reflection, the opening statement should draw the reader in. Be creative. Don’t just
list the information being asked of you.
 What was the full name of your instructor? Research your instructor and provide some biographical
information on their experience in dance.
 Research this genre of dance. What are the origins? When and where is it from?
 Avoid conversational statements like “I will be discussing…” or “This assignment called for…”.
2. Describe – 20%
 Describe your class experience. What did you do? Don’t provide a play-by-play, but rather, an overview
of the class with a more detailed discussion of the most interesting or fun moment.
 What is your experience in dance? Have you taken this style of dance before? If so, how was this class
similar or dissimilar to your previous experiences? If you have no experience in dance, what was your
perceived expectations versus the actual experience?
 What surprised you the most from this class?
 Did you enjoy your class? Why or why not?
 How was the presentation of the material by the instructor?
3. Make Connections – 20%
 Did you find this class to be too difficult, challenging but within your capabilities, or too easy?
 If you found the class too easy, how could you challenge yourself in other ways within the class? If you
found the class too hard, how could you become better?
 How can you connect what you learned and/or experienced in class that might help you in your
educational or career pursuits?
 What did you learn about yourself from this experience?
4. Format Your Paper – 10%
 Provide a cover page with the following information centered on the page:
Your name
Instructor’s Name
Dance Appreciation 2303.section #
 No heading, last name or page numbers.
 Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins. Submit as a .doc or .pdf file only.
5. Paper Length – 10%
 Paper has an introduction, body, and conclusion.
 The written portion of your paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length (outside of the cover page).
5. Edit Your Paper – 10%
 Writing exhibits proper grammar and spelling.


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