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June 14, 2020
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This essay is a maximum of 6000 characters. Assuming you are applying for a scholarship abroad; Scholars represent the United States as citizen diplomats in their host communities; they reflect a diversity of values, beliefs, and opinions that is fundamental to providing a balanced representation of the United States abroad. Scholars are expected to contribute to the goal of building mutual understanding by sharing what it means to be an American, learning about the host culture, and building meaningful relationships. Make a case for how you will serve as an effective citizen diplomat abroad. The goal of the Follow-on Service Project is for Scholars to increase awareness of study abroad and the Scholarship among their peers in their home communities and campuses. Summarize your Follow‐on Service Project Proposal in paragraph format by addressing all of the following questions, in no particular order.
What are your project goals? — My study abroad is going to be in thailand. While in thailand, I will be taking 4 classes, interdisciplinary systems in biology, conservative biology, tropical biology and applied statistics. Basically; we will visit multiple river systems throughout Thailand and compare them for different water quality variables like nitrites, phosphates, etc. and see how these variables differ with the different ways in which the land is used. For example, some rivers are in national forests while some are urban, and some are in religious sites which affects what is put into the rivers.— while in thailand. And we visit two universities in Thailand: Chiang Mai University and Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University. We will have math classes with students from both and present your research to the students from the 2nd one. Through these activities, we share how education is like in america and share, interact and build relationships with thai students this way.
Upon return to the United States, since I am a student ambassador, I will be more knowledgeable about the study abroad topic and highlight and speak a great deal about it during my tours; I will be able to defend it well because I actually experienced it.

Who is your target population/audience and why did you select them?
Targets prospective students from various levels, high school, other colleges, middle school; especialy during my tour. Select them because I want to create awareness of what the school has to offer in regard to study abroad programs.

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Community Impact Essay Assignment | Online assignment
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How will you integrate the impact of your experience abroad into your project?
By talking about it

What, if any, campus departments, student organizations, or community organizations will you collaborate with in bringing awareness to study abroad and the Scholarship?
Since I am already in the student ambassador program; During preview days, sitting at student panels and talking about it, sharing pictures of my experience to prospective students and also peers and classmate who are undecided; letting them know its a great opportunity and experience

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