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June 14, 2020
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June 14, 2020

Blog instruction

Subject: social media tactics

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Blog Of Social Media Tactics Assignment | Custom Assignment Help
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The blogs will cover the professional use of social media tactics which students are welcome to tie back to specific areas of study or interest. The objective of your blogs is to practically demonstrate your knowledge of the subject area.

It is highly recommended you spend time reviewing and reading through as many of the blogs and resources in the subject resources section on iLearn – these will give you an idea of what is being discussed in the world of social media communication, how bloggers present their content and what you might like to write in your own blogs.

Key details:

350words at least.

Blog topics are strictly restricted to the professional use of social media tactics

No need for APA referencing or citations – please use hyperlinks back to the original source or a media/storytelling style of direct/indirect quotations

Think about your visual presentation

Minimum of three linked up-to-date sources. Look for appropriate and diverse sources

Support your blog with evidence, examples and case studies where appropriate

You should have graph, picture or video to provide in this blog.

Please notice this is blog not the essay.

At least 5 reference.

Example blogs:

so the topic of blogs should be around the social media tactics and hopefully you can find interested topic and analysis it.

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