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June 13, 2020
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June 13, 2020

For this second video submission, you will again create a 1-2 minute educational video. Although you are allowed to work in coordination with classmates, each student is required to submit their own unique video.
Like the first video submission, make sure to use a combination of visual and auditory information to convey course content.
For this video, your submission should synthesize concepts from any two or more separate course modules that have been covered so far, to create a coherent presentation of information, suitable for use by future students as learning materials for the course. Information can be used from any topic covered so far, but at least one of the course topics you include in your synthesis should be from after the first video creation assignment.
Again, make sure to take advantage of both auditory and visual information channels to convey information more effectively than either visual or auditory alone. That means you should make sure that visual information conveys or clarifies information above and beyond the auditory information. Examples of possible approaches include comparing and/or contrasting two concepts, or using multiple course concepts to break down an example of behavior or cognition from common experience.
Make sure you’re familiar with the description of these assignments on the course syllabus, as well as the video rubric (linked from the course syllabus), for further explanation of requirements.
For the visual content, rely on:
-free stock photos and/or videos (Links to an external site.)
-animation websites (e.g.,, (Links to an external site.), Google “animation websites”, or use any video production software you prefer.

The 2 concepts you will be using are Bipolar Disorders and Dissociate Disorders. Must be at least 3 slides

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Visual Content Assignment | Online Assignment
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