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June 13, 2020
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Read chapters 3 and 4 in the required course textbook, view the chapter PowerPoints and the Youtube video and NPR podcast by clicking the links below.

Scienific Racism:

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Scientific Racism Assignment | Online Assignment
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Confronting the Legacy of Racism in America:

Richard Collins III’s graduation gown is draped over an empty front row chair at Bowie State University’s graduation ceremony.
2) Post your response to the module 2 discussion board question “what was interesting or disturbing ?” located in the Course Discussion Board

3) Complete and submit your module 2 topic related essay located in the folder below.

Module 2 (week 2) Discussion Forum

The belief in inheritance in determining IQ has been, and still is, a frequently explored area of

research. As you have recently read, the field of psychology (as compared to the other social

sciences) has contributed greatly to this belief (e.g., see table 3.6). Question: After reading

chapters 3&4, what information did you find the most interesting or disturbing and why? only

quality responses will receive full value.

Module 2 Topic Essay Assignment

Research related to inherent racial differences in mental abilities, especially intelligence

measurement (IQ) was the engine for a number of racist theories and practices which,

unfortunately, exist today. The “science” of psychology contributed to the prominence of IQ

testing, which further led to the eugenics movement and involuntary sterilization laws in many

states. In an essay 2 – 3 pages in length, discuss the use of genetics and IQ research to justify

eugenics programs in America. Use at least 1 non-coursebook resource in your essay. Make

sure to review the essay assignment grading rubric before you submit the essay. Instructions:

The essay should be word processed using a 12-point font with double spaced lines only.

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