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June 13, 2020
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June 13, 2020

Part 1: Current events related to the country and company of choice: South Asia/Southeast Asia/Australia,Australia
Here you describe world events that occur in the prior last month. The events can be a national/regional policy change or a corporate event, or other events with global business implications. responsible for covering one particular region. Mention how this event affects international business, and strategies of the company of your choice.

The following is a suggested approach to prepare for the event report.

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International Business Assignment | Online Assignment
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Find a credible source of article covering a current event in the region. Searching for multiple sources of the same event is strongly encouraged. Sometimes you might get insights from opposing views on the same event. Summarize the content of the article(s) by briefing who, what, when, where, and how the event occurs.

Write what your major take-away from the event in terms of how the event impacts international business. Explain WHY this event is important to you, us, and/or the rest of the world. Optional: offer your prediction in terms of what might happen as the RESULT of the current event.

Part 2: Cultural interviews and Current events

Each student will conduct a cultural interview with a person who has a different nationality from your own. A potential outline of the report is listed as below:

1 A brief introduction of how you met the interviewee and the interviewee’s demographic information, such as age, education, family, or occupation.

2 Describe major differences between your own country and his/her country. The difference can be in diet, attire, etiquette, government, education system, family structure, etc.

3 Reference chapter 2 and describe the cultural dimensions using any of the listed theoretical frameworks, such as Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.

4 Recommendations for handling cultural differences between your own culture and the interviewee’s culture.

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