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June 13, 2020
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The goal of this project is to seek out, accumulate and analyze information about different ethnic and cultural groups around the world using the main concepts of cultural anthropology.

I expect you to look for your ethnographic data using all available sources – encyclopedias, reference books, monographs, journals, newspapers, interviews (if possible) and the internet. A good place to look for articles from Anthropology journals is www.anthrosource.net. Another source for journal/ newspaper articles is http://anthropology.tamu.edu/news/. If you are having difficulties finding enough information, try consulting a reference librarian, or make an appointment to see me. Important! Your research should be based on variety of different sources and not exclusively on information derived from the Internet. You should use at least one or two published sources and carefully indicate all pages used from a text.

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Hawaiian Art and Culture Assignment | Get Paper Help
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Research questions:
1) Art and its social context. Discuss how art relates to politics – how it can be used as a mean to establish power, reinforce social stratification or serve as a vehicle of protest and resistance.
2) Art as a form of ethnic identity. Analyze how different forms of art such as music, theater, dance, visual arts and crafts are linked with identity and ethnicity. Discuss why some art traditions continue to survive while other local forms of art became extinct under the impact of outside forces.
3) Art and globalization. What is impact of recreational travel – global tourism on indigenous art?

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