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June 13, 2020
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June 13, 2020

If you were in the audience at Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, knowing that you lost a family member in battle, what would your opinion of his speech be?

Consider, both from Lincoln’s speech and the death of your family member:

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Gettysburg Address Response Assignment | Get Homework Help
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1) the moral responsibility we each carry and share to maintain our freedom, and

2) the sacrifice (death, loss) that this responsbility imposes on you in the battle for justice for all?

These are the videos I showed in class:

The Battle of Gettysburg: The Civil War in Four Minutes

Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address from the movie ‘Saving Lincoln’

For a change, there is no requirement to follow APA format rules (cover page, citations, references, etc.); this is your opinion and to write “I” or “me” and “my” is fine.

Assignment: 1 page

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