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June 13, 2020
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Final Exam Paper Assignment &
Submission Guidelines
Final Exam Paper Assignment:
We have explored the intersections of food and culture through our readings this
semester with diverse perspectives and points of entry into our analysis of food
production, distribution, and consumption practices. These diverse perspectives
invite us to analyze our relationships with food as our food practices are informed
by the impacts of these intersecting phenomena: globalization, colonization, sexuality(ies), community and consciousness building, “Food Networks” and the
cultural production of tastes, food adventuring, food colonization, the search for
authenticity and the construction of identity(ies), food apartheid, food justice, and
the development of a virtuous globalization that protects the future of seed and the
future of food from the deteriorating consequences of genetically modified
organisms that have a direct impact on the intersection of public health and food. For our final exam, you are invited into an ethnographic analysis of food and culture
1) Embarking on a food adventure by maintaining a vegan diet for three days; if
you are already maintaining a vegan diet you are one step ahead of us!
2) Documenting what you ate throughout the day;
3) Keeping a journal for three days on your experiences, reactions, conversations, emotions, energy levels, cravings, and other observations in
the process of maintaining a vegan diet;
4) If you are unable to maintain a vegan diet, document in your journal why, what challenges you encountered, and why you chose to return to the diet
you are accustomed to;
5) Making analytical connections between our study of food and culture, your
understanding of your own food heritage, and how we may become more
conscious about issues of justice in relation to our food consumption
practices by transforming our diet to sustain our planet, please respond to
the following questions:
What have I come to learn about the intersection of food, culture, colonization, and justice through the food choices, food practices, food
cultures that shape my food heritage and my identity(ies)? What do my
ethnographic observations over three days of maintaining a vegan diet reveal
about my awareness about issues of food justice, food sheds and cultural
food anticolonialism, and a transformation of my food heritage as an
ecologically conscious being?
Respond to these questions in a 6-8 page, double-spaced essay that
incorporates at least five different concepts/theoretical paradigms that we
have encountered in our readings this semester (i.e. see examples listed
above). Include references and examples from at least six different
sources/writers in our syllabus to build your analysis in constructing a
response to the question above. Be sure to follow the guidelines below. Guidelines for submission:
(1)Identify & define at least five theoretical paradigms from our course reading
(food justice, food sheds, cultural food anticolonialism, and two more);
(2)Including James Clifford’s definition of culture in your analysis;
(3) Apply your definition of theoretical paradigms from our course readings to
analyze particular experiences of and attitudes about the production and
consumption of food, which connects with your food heritage and
(4) Attach your ethnographic documentation/journal and observations of your
three-day vegan diet as an appendix to your essay;
(5) Follow the AAA Style guide in include in-text citations and list of references
in a works cited section at the end of your essay;
(6) Submit a printed version (in drop-box outside my office) and an electronic
version (on Moodle) of your essay by:

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