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June 13, 2020
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June 13, 2020

For this assignment, you will create your own Zine. What is a Zine? Start Here.

Pages: 14-20 zine pages that explore a central issue/theme from our class and at least 2 time periods
Format: ½ page fold
Should Include:
1. Essay/Article: 500-750 words single spaced applying a theme from class to modern American women or exploring an issue through history to the present. In this essay, describe the overall vision for your zine, the inspiration for your images and text, and what the reader is meant to take away from the zine. Yes, can be longer.

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Feminism Assignment | Online Homework Help
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2. A cover, back cover, contact information, table of contents, and page numbers

3. Your zine must incorporate visuals in addition to text

4. At least 4 forms of content in addition to the essay (see below)

5. Reference at least 3 class sources (from Modules or Extras Pages, can include lectures)

6. Use 3 additional sources (can be movies, art, song lyrics, or contemporaneous material such as newspaper clippings, photographs, etc.)

7. Works Cited–a complete list of sources used for the project

You may make a digital zine with audio/visual clips using PowerPoint, Prezi, Google slides, etc. Turn these files into a pdf before submitting.
You may also turn in a hard copy of your Zine on the due date.

Forms of Content:
(Links to an external site.)
Political Cartoon
Personal response
Annotated Playlist, Recipe, Movie Marathon list
Letters to the editor
Which character are you quiz
In-character diary entry
Character letter to the Editor
Advice Column
Original advertisement
Photo Collage with analysis/critique/captions


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