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June 13, 2020
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You must write an essay with all following instructions below especially the details I add such as The history of the space, Reasons of the artwork is a necessary and important additional to the space and Materials used in the artwork.
For your Bridge 4 (Introduction to Research), you will be proposing a site-specific public art installation (See uploaded Pic-Space) or sculpture (See uploaded Artwork-1,2) in your hometown or NYC. This proposal will involve two elements: written and physical. Both the written and physical proposal will be assessed as one assignment and the grade will count toward both Seminar and Studio sections. Your proposal should reflect your personal research interests in regards to subject and content, but should also be influenced and inspired by the examples and readings discussed in both classes.

You will formalize the research you do about your space and your artwork into a written proposal. This is a proposal that could theoretically be shared with a committee that approves public art projects

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Bridge Description Assignment | Online Homework Help
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Your written proposal, assessed jointly by both instructors, should include the following elements:

❏ Overview: What is your proposed artwork (See uploaded Artwork-1,2)? Describe the artwork, the proposed location, and, most importantly, the relationship between the two.

❏ Context: Describe the space (See uploaded Pic-Space) and its history (See below). Why is your artwork a necessary, important addition to the space? (See below) How will it change or enhance the space? In this space, you should describe the physical character of the space, its functions and uses, its history, and the people who move through it or have moved through it in the past.
The history of the space:
There is a woman who has social anxiety lived nearby around 6,7 year ago. There were lots of elder who dancing at night and played loud music which was so annoying. This woman feels too much stress. She used speaker to protest in this area, but it did not work. She is also trying to talk to government, but they did not actually help. Few weeks later, she was trying to jump off the building because she can’t endure this noise. After this, government made the law people cannot played too loud music after 6 p.m.

Reasons of the artwork is a necessary and important addition to the space:
this structure was combined by six pieces. each one of it will play different.
1 will play the loud music that the older people used to play.
2 will play the women protest video
3 will play the video of the women was trying to suicide
4 will play the news of government made the law
5 will play chill music that make social anxiety people feel comfort 6 will be just the dark space

❏ Comparable Work: Research and describe one or two other examples of public art that relate in some way to your chosen artwork. These may be other artworks located in the same space, or artworks which share themes or formal and compositional qualities with your own. Describe how your piece is similar and how your piece will differ. What is unique about your artwork in comparison to others?

❏ Materials and Dimensions: Describe the materials needed to execute the artwork. List each material and explain why you have chosen it over other materials. Include dimensions for the size/scale of the completed artwork.
Materials used in the artwork
The artwork is used sound insulation board inside. It will not affect each other when u enter in different space

❏ Approximate Budget and Proposed Timeline: Include the approximate costs of the materials listed above, as well as cost and time estimates for material sourcing, labor, and installation.

❏ Visual Documentation: Include sketches of your artwork, 2-3 photographs of the space, and photographs/renderings of your 3D model in the space.

❏ Citations and Reference List: Include in-text citations for any and all outside information used in your paper. Also include a reference list that includes all the sources you used in your paper. You should find 3 credible sources by yourself and cite them all in Chicago style in your proposal.

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