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June 13, 2020
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June 13, 2020

Pretend you are a collections curator at a major museum of contemporary art. Take 2 artworks of very different types from 2 different decades presented in lecture. Write a detailed letter to the museum’s collection committee, the board members at the museum who must approve all art acquisitions, in which you ask them to buy the artworks for the museum’s collection and defend the works’ value. Why is each work worthy of their support?

You must make two different types of arguments in support of each work:
The first is art historical. Why is the work art-historically important? Does it represent an innovative form or method in art that you learned about in this class? Does it represent an important art historical trend? (This calls upon your understanding of lecture content.)
The second is art critical. Why is the work good? (This calls upon your understanding of readings and discussion of readings, and how much you have thought about questions of artistic value.)

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Art & Architecture Assignment | Online Homework Help
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