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June 13, 2020
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June 13, 2020

Carl Jung developed the idea of archetypes, and you could apply those to the characters. Joseph Campbell developed the Hero’s journey idea using these archetypes. You can tie into Sigmund Freud and apply some of his theories to the characters. You can also tie into more modern psychology and how adolescents often have some mental health conditions come out, and how a support system can help them.

You will write a literary analysis paper in which you create an argument about a literary work or works, or an author or authors contributions and influences. You can explore some or all of the following in depth: an author’s life, works, themes, symbols, characters, etc. You may also compare/contrast two works, or two different forms of one work (book vs. movie version). Many people argue that a certain author or genre should be taught in K-12. The most important thing to remember is that you will be making an argument. This is not a report.
As quoted from Purdue: “Literature is an art form, and as such it is meant to move, inspire or even outrage its readers. If you have a lot of options, choose something that appeals to you, even if you cannot justify your choice.”
Your research paper will allow you to delve into a topic related to literature in a more comprehensive manner than your previous essays. You will conduct research to help you present your information and argument.

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Analyzing Harry Potter from a Psychological Perspective Assignment | Online Assignment
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1. Your paper will need to be 8-10 double-spaced pages, in 12 point font. It should reach the bottom of the 8th page, not counting the header or title or Works Cited page.
2. Your paper will need to include the basic elements of an essay (introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion).
3. You will need to use at least five sources from the Library. You can use additional sources, but should mostly rely on the library articles.
*Even if you do not quote a source in your paper, you should still include it in your “Works Cited and Consulted” page.
4. You will need to develop and present a thesis/ argument.
5. You will be expected to show depth of thought, complete analysis of your sources, and correct grammar and structure.
Examples of past ideas:
An argument that an author’s works helped influence a future genre (such as Poe influencing Stephen King, gothic inspiring horror, etc.)
An argument that an author’s works created social change (such as Perkin’s Gilman exposing the poor medical approaches to Post-Partum Depression, or the writers of the Harlem Renaissance influencing the Civil Rights Movement).
An argument about how the landscapes and environments within an author’s works shapes their writing (such as Mark Twain in Mississippi and Virginia City, or Kit Carson).
An examination of films that have been adapted from books, and how the medium and context change or maintain the crucial elements of the book (such as the movie adaptation of the graphic novel V for Vendetta)

For step 3, you will go to this link:
you can hit the “Databases A-Z” and it’ll have drop down of all the databases. It requires an EZ proxy user and pass provided here:

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