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March 24, 2020
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March 30, 2020

Observers have characterized Ho Chi Minh in a number of different ways. Some insist he was primarily a nationalist, a Vietnamese patriot who strove to unify his country and ensure its independence. Others focus on his commitment to communism, insisting that Ho’s North Vietnam was patterned after the communist states of China and the Soviet Union. How one views Ho can have an important influence on how one views involvement in Vietnam. Based on your reading of the evidence, how would you characterize Ho? Considering your view of Ho, how would you have advised President Truman to proceed on the Vietnam question in 1946? Be sure to answer the questions completely and support your argument with evidence from at least two of the course readings.

read the books:
Sacred War: Nationalism and Revolution in a Divided Vietnam by William J. Duiker. (JUSR READ CHAPTER 1-2)
America’s Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975, fifth edition, by George C.

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Ho Chi Minh Assignment | College Homework Help
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