Urban Economics

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March 24, 2020
Climate Change
March 24, 2020

Question 1: (60%) (This question is very important and has to be one page)

• Choose one of the Kondratieff cycles (From 1st to 5th) and describe first of all (A) NYC urban economic development growth phase and secondly (B) the systemic decline/crisis/shrinking phase.

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Urban Economics
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• Explain and enumerate key dates, names, events, characteristics and links with the previous & following Kondratieff cycle for:

• (1) urban economy and technologies (population, immigration, industries, innovations, etc.)

• (2) urban infrastructures (transport, housing, freshwater supply, etc.),

• (3) urban development form (Soja’s reading, metropolis in crisis)

Question 2: (20%)

Explain two urban metrics from the 2050 ONENYC City Strategic Plan and compare them with your urban economic metrics city case study (use the same topic from your UMLAB2 comparison) For this question the metrics in the city i used, Melbourne are (The number of people who participated in City of Melbourne knowledge festivals and forums. The number of people who participated in City of Melbourne learning program) The metrics for NYC (number of students).

Question 3: (20%)

What are the three main metrics to measure Urban Economic Growth from Glaeser’s reading “NYC, Urban Colossus”

Question 4: (Extra credit, 10%)

In your opinion, are Glaeser’s three urban metrics useful to understand and track the COVID-19 NYC economic crisis? Explain your answer and, if is necessary, add other urban metrics to track this economic crisis.

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