The principle of inheritance and prediction of genetic traits

Educational Psychology
March 24, 2020
Music Analysis
March 24, 2020

The presentation should include an introduction outlining the following components/processes:
• Type of cells in which process occur and indication of whether it is in unicellular or multicellular organisms
• Cell differentiation
• Importance of biomolecules in maintaining physiological health.
• Cell organelles involved (not applicable, if you chose topic 3)
The aim of this power point presentation is to assess your engagement with, and understanding of, the module content and learning outcomes (as indicated above). Your presentation should appeal to, and be understood by, academic tutors and your peers, and therefore the appropriate scientific literature and terminology should be used.

Recognise, recall and show understanding of specific cell biology facts, terminology, principles, concepts, and practical techniques.

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The principle of inheritance and prediction of genetic traits
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Demonstrate knowledge of the structure and function of key types of cells in unicellular and multicellular organisms, as well as the structure and function of major cell organelles, and cell differentiation.

Understand the basic principles of genetics, gene expression and control, structural differences between DNA/RNA, the effects of genetic mutation, and protein production.

Describe the key components of cell metabolism, the cells reliance on ATP, including the main anabolic and catabolic pathways responsible for the production of ATP (glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain).

Demonstrate knowledge of personal development of a range of appropriate scientific skills for laboratory work and understand the importance of safe working practice.

Understand how different areas of cell biology relate to each other and other areas of Bioscience.

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