Intercultural Communication

Program Design and Evaluation
March 24, 2020
Ho Chi Minh Assignment | College Homework Help
March 26, 2020

Response to these guiding questions. You can refer by just the page number, in your response. Example (page 125).
1. Both Hymes and Carbaugh provide models/frameworks for organizing our observations and analyses about cultural practices. Some works we read for this semester including Katriel’s article on Dugri speech, van Over’s article on “policing the sayable” in political discourse, Graham and Hasting’s article on “crying out” at African American funerals, and Carbaugh & Rudnick’s article on competing discourses of place at a national park, all make use of one of these two frameworks.
Choose one of the models and describe the constituent pieces. What does the model suggest we should pay attention to? What questions does it suggest we should focus on? How can/should our analysis be organized?

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Intercultural Communication
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