Astronomy multiple choice questions

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March 10, 2020
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March 24, 2020
  1. Why doesn’t the helium of a red giant immediately start fusing to heavier elements?
  2. Sketch a temperature- luminosity diagram, label the axes, and point out the location of red giants.
  3. What is the relation of novae and white dwarfs?
  4. What are the physical differences between type Ia and type II supernovae, in terms of kinds of stars that explode and their explosion mechanisms?
  5. Describe what we mean when we say that time slows down near a black hole.
  6. If the sun suddenly became a black hole (it won’t!), would the orbits of planets in our solar system be affected?
  7. Is it possible to detect a black hole that is not part of a binary system, or is not surrounded by stars and gas in a galaxy? How?
  8. What is the leading explanation for the formation of long-duration gamma-ray burts?

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