Travis Hirschi’s Control Theory

Puritans, Dissidence and Anne Hutchinson
February 26, 2020
PSYC_6701: Week 6 Module: Module Assessment: Dynamics of Inter-Group Conflict
February 26, 2020

It should be an essay, 3-5 pages (1,500 words minimum) in length, not including your cover page or works cited. Your paper should consider the historical foundations of the study of criminal behavior, and examine ways in which society responds to criminal behavior in terms of prevention and punishment. The paper should be written in APA format and have at least four sources, three of which should be sources not covered in the course. The essay should contain a title page and a reference page. You are not required to prepare an abstract for this assignment.
As a part of your paper, you should include “real” examples of your theory in action from your own observations of your life or others around you or you may use examples from books, movies or television shows that have interested you. You must give specific examples of what happened to make it fit your theory.
The question set below are simply guidelines to help you write your paper and analyze your examples. You may not be able to or wish to answer every question under your theory, they are simply there for guidance.
Control Theory- Consider Travis Hirschi’s Control Theory in the person in your example of a scenario. Give specific examples of how this person(s) had bonds of attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief. Which bonds are missing, weakened or broken, and what were the specific results for that character? If you were a policy-maker, what would you do to ensure that the crucial bonds that give control to teenager’s lives are not broken- and what can you do for those who lose control and resort to crime?

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Travis Hirschi’s Control Theory
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