Sport management

Term Paper
February 26, 2020
February 26, 2020

1) Italy
2) Three pages, single spaced-due Saturday, May 9th at 3pm
3) View the module created by the GMU librarian to help you with your research
4) Contents of paper
a. Introduction to include where the country is located (continent and bordering countries), the economy of the country with major industries, exports and imports; current government; short history. Do not include a title page or a table of contents; name, country and begin the paper with the introduction.
b. Performance of the country in the last Winter and Summer Olympics; general description of medals won, areas of particular impressive performance or consistent excellence (ex. Jamaica and sprinters in Summer Olympics)
c. Favorite sport—be certain to differentiate between favorite participatory sport or spectator sport
d. Pick between coaches, physical education teachers or sport managers; of these three professions, how is one of the three you selected trained? PE degrees at colleges and universities; coaching certification, apprenticeships, course work or formal training; sport management programs or sport manager apprenticeships? Remember you are just selecting and researching ONE of these three professions.
e. Highlights of the sports industry in the country you have chosen:
i. Professional leagues
ii. Major annual sports events
iii. Infrastructure (stadiums, sports facilities)
iv. Examples of national sports policy, national initiatives
v. Sport for all policies
vi. Hosting of major international games
vii. Region of the country known for excellence in a particular sport or number of sports facilities, locations for sport
viii. Youth, high school, college sport infrastructure
ix. Overall interest in sports participation and fan interest in sports
f. Conclusion-paragraph describing your impressions and any areas where you think the country could further develop their sports industry or improve sports policy and the delivery of sport to their citizenry
g. Reference section (not part of 3 page requirement)—APA format

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