From Marriage to Family

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February 26, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Explain the life course of marriage, focused on the development of marriage into family. Identify the stages of marriage and family development, including the adjustments couples/individuals make through these processes. Recall how masculinity has evolved from traditional roles to contemporary experiences in the Igbo and the role of money for contemporary Igbo men as they relate to women.

Chapter 7 (IRMF) – Marital Relationships Over the Family Life Cycle:
Intimate Relationships, Marriages, and Families (IRMF)
By: Nancy Stinnett; Nick Stinnett; Mary Kay DeGenova; F. Philip Rice
9th Edition
Publisher: Oxford University Press eText ISBN: 9780190278601, 0190278609

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From Marriage to Family
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Chapter 8 (LM) – Courtship, Marriage, and Fidelity: The Igbo of Nigeria:
Love and Marriage: Cultural Diversity in a Changing World (L&M)
By: Serena Nanda
1st Edition
Publisher: Waveland Press
eText ISBN: 9781478638629, 1478638621

Stages of family life:

a. Think of a serious problem in marriage either you, your parents or someone you know well has experienced. Explain what that problem was, if possible, explain it from the point of view of each spouse.

b. Looking over the marital adjustment tasks (Ch 7 IRMF), identify at least three (3) adjustments that were not being met and potentially caused the problem in the marriage. Name each and in your own words interpret the identified problem through each selected adjustment task.

c. Did the couple resolve their problem or did their marriage dissolve?

d. Given what you know about Igbo mate selection and marriage (Ch 8 LM), is the problem you identified above something that may impact an Igbo couple? Explain your agreement or disagreement with details of Igbo relationships.

should be a minimum of 250 words and no longer than 500 words. The quotations are not considered part of your 250 words here.

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