Find an example of a psychological disorder portrayed

February 26, 2020
Paper Infectious Disease Assignment-
February 26, 2020

Find an example of a psychological disorder portrayed in the media – movie, TV show, book, newspaper, or magazine article. You must find an example of a psychological disorder that is discussed in Chapter 15 (PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS) of the course textbook (DO NOT select an example that portrays a disorder that is not mentioned in Chapter 15).
Write a three-page, formal, academic research paper about the particular disorder you portrayed in your media example. Do not talk about the media example in Part I of the assignment. This is a formal research paper. (10 pts)
In your paper, be sure to include:

(i) an introduction to this disorder;

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Find an example of a psychological disorder portrayed
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(ii) a description of the symptoms of the disorder;

(iii) a discussion about how this disorder might impact the lives of those who have it and the friends and family of the person with the disorder;

(iv) a discussion of the best type(s) of treatments for this disorder according to the literature;

(v) the prognosis for someone diagnosed with this disorder.

In two pages or less, answer the following questions about your chosen media portrayal:
Describe your chosen media portrayal. Summarize the portrayal IN YOUR OWN WORDS (e.g., During a recent episode of Criminal Minds, Joe Smith took a group of passengers hostage on a train.)

State which psychological disorder is being portrayed in your example. Outline which specific symptoms of the disorder are demonstrated in the media example and how you were able to identify the symptoms (e.g., He was experiencing hallucinations and delusions as evidenced by him muttering to himself and referring to people who are “watching him.”)
Discuss whether or not the media portrayal fairly and accurately depicts the disorder based on the information you gathered for your formal research paper. Specifically, is this portrayal an exaggeration or misrepresentation of the disorder or does it realistically illustrate the symptoms as you would expect to see them in “real life?”

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