Compare and contrast non-profit organizations in three different countries.

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February 26, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Its a community economic development(CED) master course. Please focus on CED non-profit.
Compare and contrast non-profit organizations in three different countries. In your answer, please do the following:

  • Section one: Compare non-profit legislation/law in these three countries, identifying material that overlaps and material that is potentially different. Please provide details of these sections, explaining (in your own words) how they are different or not. If there is no non-profit law in a country you would like to include in your assignment, please identify and describe the rules under which non-profits operate instead.
  • Section two: Compare and contrast different sectors of the economy in which non-profits are involved in these three countries. For example, perhaps in one country, they are very involved in housing. Please give two examples of non-profits from these sectors in each country.
  • Section three: Compare and contrast different challenges non-profits from each country seem to be facing.
    References (you must use a minimum of 10, but they don’t need to be peer reviewed. Please cite them using APA – the 6th edition is fine). 3/3
    Writing (including writing quality, your brief introduction and conclusion, and your proper citation of materials). 4/4
    Each section, as described in the list above, is worth 6/6. You will receive full marks for providing substantive material that addresses each topic.
    Please choose your own countries and use your own thoughts when writing this assignment. It is not to be conducted in groups, and so what you write and the countries you choose should not be the same as a classmate’s.
    Your assignment should be 13 to 15 pages double spaced (with one inch margins and 12-point font. Please use tables sparingly, if at all.) Each section, as listed above, should be a minimum of 4 pages double spaced, with ½ page for the intro and ½ for the conclusion.
    Helpful Resources:
    VOLUNTAS (an international journal in our library)
    Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly (our library has this as well)

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Compare and contrast non-profit organizations in three different countries.
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