5 Year Global Plan

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February 26, 2020
February 26, 2020

As companies grow and decide to compete internationally, they must formulate global information technology plans to manage their worldwide expansion. Many companies decide to outsource some of these IT projects overseas to gain competitive advantages. The attachment contains a company’s plan for a major global expansion. To facilitate this expansion, the company’s IT systems will need to undergo a major upgrade.
Recommend changes to the attached five-year IT globalization plan for the company. The plan focuses on the company expanding its business and technology into the international markets of Great Britain and Western Europe. There are some decisions to make in regard to its technology infrastructures, processes, and systems to support the expansion. Your task is as follows:

  1. Summarize the current state of the company’s “Data Center Storage” technologies related to the targets in the company’s IT globalization plan. Explain how the current weaknesses identified in the plan may affect the company’s global performance.
  2. Recommend changes to the “Activities” section of the “Data Center Storage” technologies in the IT globalization plan, justifying how the recommended changes will better meet stated company objectives and goals, as well as how these changes will improve company performance.
  3. Justify how your recommended changes to the IT globalization plan align with the company’s goals of addressing global technology trends, standards, best practices, and initiatives.
  4. Explain how the updated IT globalization plan addresses international market opportunities and the challenges of a global economy.
  5. Explain what challenges and opportunities may result from the company implementing and maintaining its IT globalization plan.

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5 Year Global Plan
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