What is nursing -case study

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February 22, 2020
DAVON MGMT410 Assignment – Week five – Strategic Analysis
February 22, 2020

On admission to the ward you proceed with the admission checks and procedures. One of which is a pregnancy test. Chantelle’s mother becomes quite upset and angry that her 14 year old daughter has been asked to have this test and leaves the ward to discuss with Chantelle father. While her mother is off the ward Chantelle discloses to you that she is sexually active, she refuses to take the pregnancy test and pleads with you not to tell her Mum. Chantelle said she would like to know her options to avoid pregnancy, but doesn’t want to talk to her GP.
You discuss the surgery that Chantelle needs and explain what will happen, at this point Chantelle becomes upset, she bursts into tears and says she doesn’t want the surgery because it will affect what she looks like. She says she wants to go home and doesn’t want a scar.
Write a 1,500 word essay to discuss the biological, psychological, and social factors relating to one clinical case study from those provided, and examine the role of the nurse in caring for the individual, including the legal, professional and ethical aspects of care. Identify and discuss communication strategies used by the nurse and a health promotion requirement relevant to your chosen case study

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What is nursing -case study
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