Response Paper

Should prisons be privatized
February 22, 2020
Economic pros and cons of marijuana legalization
February 22, 2020

Examine the role that one of Leonard’s ideas (eg. Joyce’s “style,” complex convergence, epiphanies, scrupulous meanness) plays in the last scene of “The Dead.” You will want to cite from the text and support your evidence with critical, close readings.

Review your essay to make sure it includes the following:

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Response Paper
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• An introduction which includes an overview of the essay as well as a clear thesis.
• A body with examples (and where appropriate citations) that support your thesis. Remember: you must always analyze and interpret any sources you either paraphrase or quote.
• A conclusion that stresses the importance of your topic, in which you synthesize the arguments you have made, attach those conclusions to the larger world, and direct them towards the future. Repeating your introduction is unacceptable.

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