Genre Worksheet
February 22, 2020
Explanation of the Technology Acceptance Model and its challenges to assimilation through lack of understanding of of data processing, reporting, and visualization techniquesl
February 22, 2020

For this assignment you are required to:

· Describe your group health issue/topic using appropriate scholarly sources.

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· Discuss the local context of health issue/topic & provide an in-depth understanding of how a local organization is addressing health issue/topic

· Explain what the global context of health issue/topic your group is examining? Provide a webpage you have found which addresses this issue on a global stage – critique and review the website and how this organization is addressing health issue/topic

· Address the similarities and differences you have determined between a local and global approach to the same health issue/topic

· Discuss who is addressing this issue? Determine a “change agent” who is working on this issue (either local or global). Who is he/she? Background? How is he/she making a difference?

· Outline how your chosen Agent of Change depicts the attributes outlined in our Agents of Change program at York https://calumet.yorku.ca/agents-of-change/

Reflect on what you have learned from this assignment

Paper must use APA format. This paper will include marks for formatting and proper citations.

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