Is the World Ready for the Coronavirus?

Descriptive Paragraph
February 22, 2020
Treatment of ADHD with stimulant in children and adolescents
February 22, 2020

Rhetorical analysis
assignment: select an argumentative essay from the op-ed or editorials page of a reputable news sources (e.g the new York times, wall street journals, politico, the hill, the economist,etc) read the argument carefully and critically, making sure to identify the claims it makes and evidence used to back up those claims. then write an essay in which you analyze the argument rhetorically. you might focus your essay on determining whether or not you feel the argument is likely to be successful with its intended audience, or you might focus on some other aspect of the text. for instance, you might analyze the relative strengths and/or weaknesses of the writer’s use of ethos, pathos, logos; or might examine contradictions or fallacies in the argument. whatever your focus, your essay should:

  1. provide adequate background information regarding the argument under analysis , including a brief explanation of the debate it is engaged in, a summary of the position it takes , and basic publication info, i.e. the author’s name the date of publication and the place of publication.
  2. Establish the focus of your analysis in a clear thesis statement
  3. Support the thesis with detailed discussion of evidence drawn from the text of the argument as well as from any secondary sources you choose to include
  4. conclude by summarizing your analysis, discussing its significant, and offering a powerful emotional appeal.

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Is the World Ready for the Coronavirus?
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