Economic pros and cons of marijuana legalization

Response Paper
February 22, 2020
Catholic Church
February 22, 2020
Research question is: How has legalizing marijuana effected the United States economically?

Abstract (15 points) One paragraph devoting a one sentence summary of each major section of the report.

Introduction (15 points)

State topic
State purpose
State main point or thesis of the report
Provide background information that sets the context for the report
Explain why the topic is important to readers
Methods Section/Literature Survey (10 points) May be merged with Findings section, but the headings must reflect this merger.

Explains research methods step by step
Each step should explain how you did it and why you did it

Findings or Results Section (10 points) May be merged with Methods section, but the headings must reflect this merger.

Focuses on two to five of the most important findings or results from your research.
Describes what you discovered
Discussion Section(10 points)

Show how results answer the research / thesis question.
Two to five paragraphs that align with findings.
Each discusses what results mean.
Conclusion / Recommendations Section (10 points)

Restate main point
make two to five recommendations that align with findings and discussion
Reemphasize the importance of the topic
Look to the future
Ensure an appropriate style (10 points)

Strike an objective, down to business tone
Use top-down paragraphs
Use plain sentence
Minimize passive voice
Avoid nominalizations
Define jargon and other technical terms
Design of your report. Text (10 points) The following design elements are required:

Title Page containing title, audience and purpose statements
Meaningful Headings
Illustrative evidence in the form of graphs, tables, charts, or photos
MLA formatted Annotated Bibliography: Minimum of 4 sources
Appendices (if needed)

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