Post-socialism questions

Compare and contrast W.E.B DuBios and Booker T washington thoughts and approaches to “the negro problem”(Discrimination)
February 18, 2020
Article Analysis 1
February 18, 2020
  1. Is China’s open-up and reform post-socialist transformation (like housing reforms) a neoliberal reform in the global context?
  2. Why there are different types of gated communities emerging in China, and in other places? How can we understand this urban governance or even non-urban spaces management?

part 2:

  1. How housing, labor system, population regulations, social welfare transformation working together (serve) with industrialization and urbanization (in the name of development and modernization) to achieve housing, labor and social welfare commodification and privatization in post-socialist China?
  2. The similarities and differences between Russia and China, and the other countries and regions in the world?
  3. What could be the solutions or directions to move forward to better labor systems, social welfare systems, and development in the future?

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Post-socialism questions
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